Get Smart!

UNDER CONSTRUCTION!  What I did  (what I believe) in helping develop the bugaboos’ brains.  Because of the fact that a child’s brain is nearly 90% developed in the first 5 years of life, I wanted to stimulate the kiddies’ brains as much as possible!   I wanted to forever change their brains for the good!

-reading : Your Baby Can Read Early Language Development System.  There is a little video on that sums it up.  Both my girls are reading now, so it worked for us.  But it was A LOT of work!  I didn’t really to the program to get them reading per se, but it was a great way to stimulate and grow their brains and to build confidence.  As a side bonus, it was a great bonding thing between us.  Word of warning, be careful if ordering through the site, there have been many complaints.  It might be better to get it on ebay!  That’s what I did.

-music: Music for Young Children

-toys: a few selected toys that can be easily put away (also a factor in downsizing)

-activities: game to increase auditory memory


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