Aha!  I knew it!


Aha!  I knew I was on to something!  Kids brains are awesome before age 5 and we should help them develop it!  See this article from the National Post!

While I agree that we can help our children by stimulating them early on, I am not sure it should be done in a school…  Kids learn in snippets, so ‘teaching’ (masked as play) should be done in 5 min blips throughout the day, and having the bonding time with mommy and or daddy the rest of the day.


Hello World!

This is my first post to my new blog.  I plan on sharing a couple of things I did in my parenting of my two bugaboos.  Topics I will be covering include sleep training, discipline, toys we play(ed) with, and helping the little ones’ brains grow with fun stimulation!

More later!